Hire Mercedes G 500 4x4 ²

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For those who find that a Mercedes G-Class is not enough, Mercedes-Benz offers the amazing G500 4x4² . This declination uses the same cabin as the normal Mercedes G Class and therefore displays a length of 4.50 meters. Its height reaches 2.24 meters and its width more than 2.10 meters by folding mirrors. Once inside, we discover specific leather upholstery, with contrasting red stitching. What's more, Alcantara has also been used for roof trim and other elements of the interior, combined with touches of carbon fiber. It has a power of 500 hp for 610 Nm of torque and most of all, an extraordinary sound thanks to the double side exhaust outlets. Even if these figures may seem disproportionate, they take into account the 3 tons of our big machine.

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