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AAA Luxury & Sport Car Rental is certainly the unique company in Europe to propose the Mercedes AMG GT-C Roadster for hire.

The AMG GT, known as Mercedes’ four-wheeled road master, has recently been overtaken by its successors, its roadster versions. After setting-up a new GT-line, Mercedes keeps enhancing its performances to reach a beyond-perfect technology standard for its latest sport cars.

And finally, they reached perfection. Two versions of the AMG GT roadster have recently been launched by the brand of the Star: the AMG GT Roadster (standard) and the AMG GT-C Roadster respectively rated at 476 horsepower (630 Newton-meter of torque) and 557 horsepower (680 Newton-meter of torque). These performances are none surprisingly sustained by Mercedes’ twin turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine.

The Mercedes AMG GT-C Roadster is in fact more aggressive and more radical than the standard roadster. Not only has the roof been taken away, the power of the car has gained in horsepower by the same way. It sits atop the same chassis that forms the basic AMG GT Coupe. However, it has even further enhancements as compared to the AMG GT-S coupe such as the rear-wheel steering that turn at low speed.

Our AAA Luxury and Sport Car Rental team is glad to announce you that  the Mercedes AMG GT-C Roadster is available among our large fleet of sport cars from May 2017.

We can deliver all around Europe as well as in one of our agencies (Cannes, Paris, Monaco, Hamburg, Geneva, London, Nice, and Saint Tropez).

For more information or any booking, our reservation team is available 24/7 by phone +33 (0)4 22 46 15 15 or by email reservation@aaarentcars.com. 

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