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The 675LT Spider takes the outstanding DNA of the 675LT Coupé and adds a retractable folding hard top for the thrill of open top driving. Our fastest convertible indulges you in a rush of exhilaration and pulse-quickening sensations that are pure McLaren.

Limited in numbers yet boundless when it comes to exhilaration, the 675LT Spider delivers 675 ch in a package 100kg lighter than the 650S Spider on which it is based.  Every component that can be optimised is optimised.  If weight can be saved, it has been saved.

The 675LT Spider are the quickest McLarens from the Super Series range. Numerous advances in weight reduction, aerodynamics, steering and braking take you to the pinnacle of supercar.

Over 50% of the parts are unique to the 675LT 3.8-litre engine versus the 650S, providing more power and drivability. With a bespoke exhaust system unique to the 675LT, the engine sound has been enhanced to add an even more dynamic and resonant soundtrack.

The 675LT Spider will be soon available in AAA Luxury & Sport Car Rental agencies (Paris, Cannes, Monaco, Nice) and everywhere in Europe thanks to our car delivery service.

For more information or any booking, our team is available by phone +33 (0)4 92 18 07 08 (Cannes agency) or + 33(0)1 45 55 57 90 (Paris agency) or by email contact@aaarentcars.com.

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